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Who Are We

In 1397 AH corresponding to 1977 AD, three professors from King Saud University who are specialized in engineering consultancy, architecture, city planning, soil studies and geology (Dr. Abdullah Al-Aqil Al-Hamdan - Dr. Talib Muhammad Saeed Obaid - Dr. Suleiman Al-Aqil Al-Hamdan) founded the Saudi Technicians Company - Saudi Tech. - For engineering and geological consultations, to contribute with its services to advancing the development wheel and to participate in the development plans and in the comprehensive renaissance of the Kingdom. Nn, where the Saudi technicians - for nearly forty years since its establishment - are still contributing to the development process through its specialized engineers in many engineering fields. The company is currently managed by a group of specialists under the management of Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Sulaiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, to include the fields of industrial engineering, architecture, city planning, construction, roads and bridges, surveying, geographic information systems, project management, geology and soil studies.

Company Message

A civil, intellectual, scientific engineering consultancy company, whose goal is to carry out various engineering activities, studies and consultations, including supervision, control, auditing, expertise, testing, examination and project management inside and outside Saudi Arabia in the fields of engineering, buildings, roads, bridges, railways, city planning, topographic survey, environment, treatment plants, soil, electrical, mechanical and agricultural engineering And informatics engineering, economic engineering, qualification and training, and the exercise of all activities and events related to or branching from these types of engineering work.

Company's Policy

  • Attracting Modern Technologies In Engineering Practices That Improve Performance and Raise Efficiency.
  • Adopting Efficiency In The Speed Of Project Completion And Reducing Project Costs and Duration While Raising Quality.
  • Creating a Team Spirit, Giving Priority To The Collective Spirit, And Working As an Integrated Team Between The Project Implementation Elements (Owners, Consultants and Contractor).
  • Achieving The Requirements Of The Next Phase In Line With The Future Directions Of The Kingdom.

Company Vision

  • Providing the best engineering services and Comprehensive Technical Support For Projects.
  • Contributing To The Development Of The Nation and Highlighting Its Civilized Face and The Competence That Characterizes its Sons..
  • Creating Technical Cadres Capable Of Carrying Out All Required Tasks.
  • Providing Suitable Job Opportunities.

Future Goals

The company works according to an ambitious development plan by attracting experts and specialists and cooperating with international companies and houses of expertise in the fields of:

  • The Industrial Engineering .
  • Desalination Plants.
  • Tunnel Engineering.
  • Port Engineering.
  • Communication and Information Technology Engineering.
  • Renewable Energy Engineering.

Where The Company Aims To Provide Its Services In All areas Of Engineering Work In Accordance With The Highest Standards Of Quality and International Specificationsn

Company Logo

The company Raises These Three Logos As Its Title


Fidelity comes as the first slogan of the company, and it is to observe God Almighty in performing business.


Then comes technology as a second slogan for the company, which is the use of modern artistic methods.


Renewal Comes As a Third Slogan For The Company, Which is the advanced artwork, and so we are looking for everything new and developed to keep pace with the times.

The Organizational Structure Of The Company

  • Department of Building Code Training, Applications, Development, and Technical Support.
  • Technical, Administrative, Legal and Financial Support Apparatus.
  • Department of Surveying and Information Systems.
  • Geology and Soil Mechanics Laboratory.
  • Project Supervision Department.
  • Department of Architectural and Interior Studies and Design.
  • Department of Structural Studies and Designs.
  • Department of Preparing Executive and Final Plans For Projects (workshop plans).
  • Department of Studies and Designs For Industrial projects.

Administrative Staff

Company Work Team

Currently, there are about (250) employees working in the company. The engineering staff represents more than 50% of the employees in various engineering disciplines and hold prestigious academic degrees and professional accreditation from the Saudi Council of Engineers and are supported by about (90) technical and support teams. The company also has a global strategic partnership. It contributes to strengthening the work on projects and the speed and accuracy of its completion.

Technical Staff

NameOccupationSpecialization / Field of ExpertiseDuration of experience
Mohammed Issa Abdul RahimBridge engineer Civil engineering / bridges tt19 years
Ahmed Al-Siddiq Al-Mahi civil engineerCivil Engineering15 years
Mohamed Hamdi AminCivil engineer Civil Engineering / Survey Department / Civil Mt18 years
Abdullah Omar Abdullah Abu Aisha tCivil engineer Civil Engineering / Survey Department / Civil Mt18 years
Yosry Imam sarhanCivil engineer Civil engineering / site engineer17 years
Muhammad Mansour Abdul Karim Materials EngineerGeology / materials engineer 18 years
Mustafa Zain Al-Abidin Abd Al-Sattar Material Engineer Geology / materials engineer 15 years
Al-Farabi Sheikh Abdul Rahman Material Monitor Geology / Materials12 years
Muhammad Zain Al-Abidin Yusef Material MonitorEngineering geology/materials 12 years
Aladdin Muhammad Ali Material Monitor Engineering geology/materials12 years
Jalal Saleh Saad SurveyorDiploma area / road space16 years
Osama Awad Al-Karim Coco SurveyorDiploma area / road space16 years
Al-Mahdi Omar SurveyorSpatial engineering/ road space 15 years
Mohammed Sameh HegazySurveyorBachelor's Geography/Space 13 years
Abdul Qawi Karam AllahSurveyorSpatial engineering/ road space 16 years
Nasser Fathy Calculator of quantities Mining Engineering / Quantity Area / Master Of Engineering Area21 years
Ahmed Abdel-Hafez SurveyorInstitute of Space / Public Space28 years
Hatem Ahmed Jaden SurveyorDiploma area / road space 24 years
Hasab EL-Rasoul Hassan al-ZubayrSite MonitorCivil engineering / materials and site 16 years
Ammar Muhammad Ali Hakim Site MonitorComputer Engineering/Site Monitor 12 years
Mustafa Madani Moussa Site MonitorCivil engineering / materials and site 14 years
Aba zaar Ba-bakr Al-Awad Site MonitorSpatial engineering/ area and location 15 years
Khaled Hussein Ibrahim Site MonitorCivil Engineering Diploma / Website Controller 12 years
Amer Sabir Amer Site MonitorCivil engineering / materials and site 17 years
Ahmed Saleh Ahmad Al-Olayani Site MonitorCivil Engineering / Site Controller 6 years
Essam Yahya MahfouzAdministrative Assistant Business Management5 years
Al-Hassan Musa AsiriAdministrative Assistant Business Management5 years
Yahya Sayed KhalifaBridge engineerBachelor of Engineering19 years
Majdi Subhi Abdel Ati Material MonitorBachelor of Engineering13 years
Abdel Moneim Abdel QaderMaterial MonitorGeology25 years
Ahmed Qaroun AliSurveyorSurvey28 years
Muhammad Abdulaziz MuhammadSite MonitorArchitectural constructions25 years
Alwaleed Alsir Ali SurveyorSurvey15 years
Ihab Judeh IbrahimSurveyorSurvey23 years
Shabi Hajj LakhdarSurveyorSurvey Engineering15 years
Mahmoud Shehata Abu Al-AzmMaterial MonitorBachelor of Chemistry16 years
Islam Muhammad Abu Al-ElaSite MonitorRoads and bridges15 years
Hani Shaban El-sayedCivil engineerRoads and bridges19 years
AL-safi Al-Nour AhmedGeneral SurveyorRoads and bridges16 years
Karim Hassan MohamedMaterial MonitorRoads and bridges13 years
Youssef Ahmed Youssef Abdel-QaderCivil engineerRoads and constructions16 years
Hashem Bashir SurveyorRoads15 years
Muhammad Saber Muhammad AliSurveyorRoads and constructions34 years
Moamen Radwan Muhammad Material MonitorRoads35 years
Jihad Muhammad Mandour Khader Resident EngineerRoads and bridges30 years
Awad EL-Jayed Mohamed Mohamed AhmedResident EngineerCivil Engineering / Roads17 years
Hussein Abdulnabi Madi Bridge engineerCivil Engineering / Roads14 years
Saber El-sayed Abdul Ghani Abdul Majeed Civil engineerRoad Engineering18 years
Muhammad Youssef Abbas RifaiCivil engineerCivil Engineering / Roads17 years
Amir Muhammad Ibrahim QarshamCivil engineerCivil Engineering / Roads11 years
Wael Ibrahim Al-ShaltawiMaterials EngineerBachelor geoscience19 years
Khalil Ahmad MuhammadMaterials EngineerCivil Engineering / Roads14 years
Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad Diab General Surveyor Survey18 years
Mohammed Saber Awad FaragGeneral Surveyor Survey18 years
Badruddin Muhammad Al-Hajj Surveyor Survey Engineering/Roads16 years
Molham Suleiman Othman Surveyor Survey Engineering/Roads16 years
Ibrahim Abdullah Issa Surveyor Survey Engineering/Roads16 years
Tayeb Hassan Surveyor Survey Engineering/Roads16 years
Hussein Abdul Shafi HusseinSite MonitorTechnician informer of structural materials24 years
Hatem Ahmed Abdel Hamid Site MonitorCivil Engineering / Roads12 years
Muhammad Hassan Mahdi KhairatSite MonitorMechanical engineering7 years
Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moneim Site MonitorCivil Engineering / Roads7 years
Khaled Ali Mohammed GhazwaniSite MonitorCivil engineering5 years
Hussein Ali Abu TalibSite MonitorChemistry4 years
Hassan Mohammed Al-HazmiSite MonitorCivil Engineering / Roads2 years
Site MonitorCivil Engineering / Roads1 year and 6 month

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