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The Most Important Services For The Company

Engineering design and supervision in the field of roads

Designing and supervising the implementation of private installations

Preparing cadastral maps

Project management

Survey and GIS works

Create contour maps

Preparing soil reports for road works

Total area lift details

Preparing technical studies and research

Preparing economic and marketing feasibility studies

Designing and approving security and safety plans

Inventory quantities, sizes and timelines for various projects

Engineering, structural, electrical and mechanical designs

Directing and showing projects with the latest architectural programs

Preparing and implementing interior designs and decorations

Urban design, planning and site coordination

Managing projects of all kinds using primavera.nn

Supervising and making accounting notes using the latest construction programs

Preparing designs and construction studies

Structure of infrastructure roads

Who Are We

The company was established in 1397 AH corresponding to 1977 AD in Riyadh by professors from King Saud University

Company Message

A civil, intellectual, scientific engineering consultancy company, whose goal is to carry out various engineering activities, studies and consultations, including supervision, control, auditing, expertise, testing, examination and project management inside and outside Saudi Arabia in the fields of engineering, buildings, roads, bridges, railways, city planning, topographic survey, environment, treatment plants, soil, electrical, mechanical and agricultural engineering And informatics engineering, economic engineering, qualification and training, and the exercise of all activities and events related to or branching from these types of engineering work.

The Main Departments Of The Company

Company Clients

The Most Important Projects Of The Company