Road survey and evaluation – Alahsa


  • Client Al-Ahsa Municipality - Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing
  • Project Survey and evaluation of roads in Al-Ahsa Municipality
  • Duration 60 Months


The current situation analysis includes a comprehensive report detailing the working methodology and execution program. It involves the establishment, development, and operation of a Road Pavement and Assets Management System for the Municipality of Al-Ahsa.

This initiative further encompasses the integration and activation of the Road Pavement and Assets Management System for the Al-Ahsa region with visual defect programs and the 940 notification program. Additionally, it involves the formulation of survey plans, field assessment, and on-site inspection for pavement defects and network elements.

The methodology includes damage assessment of asphalt for roads and streets utilizing the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS). Furthermore, it incorporates the measurement of road surface deflection using the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), as well as assessing road surface roughness and evenness.

Thickness measurement of pavement layers is conducted using Ground Penetration Radar, and skid resistance (Skid Resistance FN) is measured. The process also involves capturing three-dimensional imagery through panoramic digital photography to monitor and analyze the roads, their conditions, and assets in Al-Ahsa. This comprehensive approach aims at implementing advanced global engineering practices, ensuring accurate assessment, and employing cutting-edge technology for the ongoing enhancement and management of road infrastructure.